The Jewish Museum

1109 5th Avenue

Air Flo was responsible for building and installing custom wood sash for this Historic New York Landmark

The Potter Building

145 Nassau St.

Beginning in 2009, and taking just three years to complete, Air Flo built over 300+ custom wood sash for the Potter Building. 

The installation of these sash, which were weight and chain with new pulleys and chain, was also conducted by Air Flo during the same time.


This is one of Air Flo's largest projects to date.

The Essex House "Hotel"

160 Central Park S

One of Air Flo's first large projects, providing installation of steel replacment windows for the Jumeriah Essex House

Palatial Brooklyn Brownstone

10 Montague Terrace

A feat unto itself, Air Flo built and replaced 6 pair of Weight and chain Sash. Each sash weighed in at an astounding 150lbs!


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